Mifflin Street Party or bust?

This year will certainly be an eventful year for the annual Mifflin Street Block Party. Question is: will it be eventful for its success or its failure? The City of Madison officials and police department have cancelled support for the event. Of course there will be significant presence on Mifflin Street this Saturday, both party goers and police alike. Exactly how much enforcement is necessary remains to be seen, but the police department is ready for confrontation. Add to the mix: the newly formed Revelry Festival. The music festival takes advantage of the spacious environment around Union South and will offer music food and of course beer throughout the day. $5 UW Madison student ticket is required for entry, other ticket options available. It will be interesting to see which venue ultimately wins over the thirst quenching party going crowd: Mifflin tradition vs Revelry control? Both will be entertaining but which will be here in 10 years?